HD-SDI CCTV Digital Video Recorders


HD-SDI CCTV Digital Video Recorders

If you are planning to replace your existing CCTV system we have good news for you; if you could read further. A new concept DVR is here to record HD images; we call it the HD-SDI DVR. It runs on common coax cable. Let’s discover what HD-SDI technology is and how it’s a cost-effective option to IP CCTV system.

What is HD or Megapixel CCTV?

You might have the idea of a megapixel image. A picture that is made up of over 1 million pixels is classed as Megapixel image. Such kinds of images are better known as High Definition or HD images. Any HD equipment supports any of the two resolutions:

  • 720P – 1280 pixels (horizontal) x 720 pixels (vertical)
  • 1080P – 1920 pixels (horizontal) x 1080 pixels (vertical)

Here ‘P’ stands for progressive (it determines the way in which the picture is scanned) and 720 and 1080 refer to the number of pixels in a vertical line.

Megapixel CCTV is not a new concept. It has been possible for past few years over IP CCTV networks. HD-SDI is a new invention that has made the Megapixel CCTV more affordable for the average customer.


How HD-SDI Technology Works?

HD is High Definition, and SDI refers to Serial Digital Interface (a family of standardised, broadcast quality digital interfaces using BNC connectors). As its name suggests HD-SDI, offers high definition picture quality, noticeably higher than standard analogue signal. The technology is growing significantly in a faster pace and been largely adopted by CCTV sector. The purpose of designing HD-SDI was to provide HD footage over standard coaxial cable and to provide customers an affordable option to IP network CCTV system. HD-SDI technology goes pretty well with the CCTV, where existing systems are running over coaxial cabling.

HD-SDI can easily be used with existing analog cameras and its installation requires no extra training. As long as one is experienced in installing analog CCTV system, there would hardly be any risk or complication when installing an HD-SDI CCTV system to your home or office. There are two basic options in HD-SDI CCTV system: a full HD-SDI or a Hybrid system with Analogue.

HD-SDI DVR or Analogue DVR

With an HD-SDI camera system, you also need to install HD-SDI DVR with HD-SDI inputs. These camera systems are not compatible to analogue DVR. Requirement of HD-SDI DVR or Hybrid DVR is subjective. HD-SDI DVR with HD-SDI inputs is usually recommended for new installations or for a user who wants HD throughout the premises. Whereas a Hybrid DVR offering both analogue as well as HD-SDI input can be an ideal choice for a user who is looking for HD-SDI cameras alongside existing analogue cameras.

DVR Unlimited Offering its HD-SDI DVR Series

DVR Unlimited offers you its cost effective HD-SDI DVR series that provides uncompressed Full HD 1080P video existing coaxial cabling with no log time. It supports 16-ch video inputs (the series also includes 4-ch and 8-ch) with real time recording at the resolution of 1080P (1920×1080) across all channels. Our HD-SDI DVR series is largely suited for your personal use, as well as professional needs, such as retail stores, banking and gambling areas. Where IP systems may be currently out of budget or not suited to the environment, but the need for Megapixel images is a necessity.

If you need more information on HD-SDI technology or DVR system drop us a line and we will contact you back right away bagging answers to all your queries.