How Long You Should Keep Your Security Cameras Storage Intact?


How Long Should You Keep Your Security Cameras Storage Intact?

Installing a wireless security camera system is a brilliant idea for protecting your loved ones and your assets, documenting important transactions and deterring potential crime. Storing the recorded footage, however, is a headache. A complete surveillance package has become much more affordable to the general public in recent years due to the advancement in technology, but archiving captured footage can become costly over time.

The question I most often encounter in public forums is, “How long should I store the video footage?” Well, there is certainly no legally defined period for retaining a footage captured by a wireless security camera system, but here are a few clues that will help you define your retention policy.

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A Residential Security Camera Footage – 15 Days or less

For a home surveillance system, you won’t need to spend too heavily in long-term storage devices. You will finally determine how long you want to archive the camera feed, but anywhere between ten to fifteen days is more than enough time considering residential security footage.

You most likely need video camera footage when some criminal activity had happened inside or around your place. A crime committed on a private property come easily into notice and allow you to report the incident immediately to the police. A two weeks video footage is plenty enough time to help police identify the perpetrator.

A Commercial Security Footage – 2 to 3 months

If you are in charge of securing a business premises, then you need to be equipped with little extra storage space. The typically discreet illicit acts hardly come into notice at first glance and sheer volume of people that enter and exit from the building.That means you will have to juggle through a lot of stored data over a prolonged period.

Storing security camera footage for more than a month or two also helps you when your name is embroiled in the judicial matter, or you are compelled by law to provide the video footage.

Security Camera Footage of Highly Sensitive Area – Forever

If your security camera system is covering extremely sensitive matters, like non-binding verbal agreements or legal affairs, then you need to spend a bit more on the storage device for your wireless security camera footage. Blu-Ray and DVDs are a common cost effective platforms for storing footage over a prolonged period

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Keep in mind that most security camera systems are designed to overwrite. If its capacity is already full, so you will need to act accordingly if you don’t want your previous footage erased before you get a chance to store it.

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