Is It Legal to Use Security Cameras Inside Homes?


Our most sought after products and services are security cameras and their installation. DVR Unlimited Inc. installs and services surveillance cameras systems for both home and businesses. Our surveillance camera systems are ultra modern, providing remote access facility so that you can monitor activities from anywhere using your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

However, as a responsible citizen, you want to be very sure that you are operating your surveillance system according to local laws. You may be wondering; does using covert cameras inside your home is lawful? What about public places near your home or office, like a sidewalk or alleyway?

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Can Businesses or Home Owners Record People without Their Permission?

The answer is “YES.” As a general rule, you can legally use surveillance system to record or monitor spaces inside your office or home. In the eyes of law, typically, as soon as someone leaves his or her house their expectation of privacy does not remain same as they did inside their house. Law is not different for the use of a nanny camera or other hidden camera. You do not need express permission all the time to record people inside or outside your premises. Home and business owners can rightfully install security cameras simply to protect a loved one or detecting any theft.

However, there are a couple of exceptions. You are not allowed to record or monitor activities where individuals have reasonable expectation of privacy. Some of these areas are:

  • Bathroom
  • Hotel rooms,
  • Locker rooms

Similarly, it is not legal to record specific person for malicious intent, like blackmail, stalking.

Surveillance Camera Systems Are Everywhere

If you are in public, chances are, you are being monitored. A camera could be in the parking area, traffic signal, grocery shop, mall, bank, hospital or even at your work. Security cameras have become ubiquitous in ever sphere of your life. Whether you are in school, hospital or on a sidewalk, there is a rare chance that you are alone. Someone is watching you (via a camera) form roofs, posts or pillars. And these vast uses of cameras have bought up a lot concern in public about their privacy.

Do you have a specific query?

We install and suggest camera use as per the law, still if you have a specific query you can “drop us a line” we will update you with the latest information we have regarding the legality of the use of security cameras in home or businesses. And, if your requirement for the security camera is beyond a common practice, we recommend speaking to an attorney in your area.