Why Your Restaurant Needs A Security Camera System?


Why does Your Restaurant need A Security Camera System?

When I asked a few restaurant owners if they need security cameras, I got mixed responses. A few restaurant owners consider their staff as their family, and they don’t doubt their loyalty. On the other hand, a few other restaurant owners just don’t want to trust anyone, they would have employed security cameras even in the bathrooms if it were legal. Of course, everyone has their experiences and so are their opinions. Now the question is –does your restaurant need security camera? In order to decide, a restaurant owner must look at of his or her individual situation. Ask yourself a few questions related to the harsh reality of a restaurant setting and look for the truthful answers.

  1. Does your stock end much earlier than an expected time-frame?
  2. Does it seem like your manager is ordering supplies more frequently since a certain employee joined the crew?
  3. Do you have a gut feeling that there is something just not the way it has to be?

Infrared PTZ Camera

What your instincts suggest you now? Do you feel a little motivated to install a security camera system in your restaurant setting? Restaurant owners who have security cameras already installed in their facility have noticed an increase in their profits. Many large restaurant groups have already acknowledged the success of security cameras. They will not think of opening a new restaurant without having cameras in place from the day one.

Fraudulent Activities Common in a Restaurant Setting

  • Employees are favoring certain customers for bigger tips.
  • Staff members who give away free food to their friends and family.
  • Cooks who prepare phony orders, so that they can eat them later on.
  • Employees who regularly come in late and still get full pay.

Recovering from these losses is not that difficult. The easiest remedy is to install a video surveillance system that captures all areas of your restaurant including the dumpster outside.

Security Camera Technologies Ideal for Restaurant Settings

Motion Alert Technology – The technology will alert you if someone enters into your offices or off-limits area.

Wireless Remote Monitoring – It allows you to monitor your staff remotely 24 hours a day from your laptop, Smartphone, tab, PC, etc.

Unlimited data storage – If you have unlimited video data stored, you can anytime go back to check the video for an incident that took place few months back.

Infrared Cameras – If light levels are dim in the restaurant, then you should also look for infrared feature in your security camera systems, as these cameras will give you much better coverage for low light areas.

Protect Your Assets

Video surveillance is much more than saving money; it is also protecting your staff, deterring crime and catching bad guys. The bottom line is you must take care of your assets and your staff if you don’t, who will? DVR Unlimited offers best quality surveillance camera system at competitive price. Contact us if you have queries related to security camera system installation for your home or businesses.