DVR not working|error monitor out of range


DVR is not working|error monitor out of range

I sold an LTS DVR on eBay, few months later customer asking for return policy, etc., thinking his DVR has gone bad., the error he had ” monitor out of range “. I remembered seeing this before because I used to be with the installers on a daily basis. I am going to stop talking about myself, because you sure don’t care LOL.

Here is the solution – ready or not

  1. Find a better monitor and use that, to solve the problem, because the resolution set on you DVR for display is lot higher then your grand ma’s monitor. No offense to any grandma, they all awesome.
  2. Okay, I get it you do not have another monitor, no money, Bestbuy, Walmart or Costco to far. Use the TV and connect a cable from the BNC monitor out to the composite input of the TV. (usually the yellow one).If you did this and no picture, dude your TV might have more than one yellow input and with your luck you must have it on the wrong one. No don’t even bother asking what to do now, but somehow we must cover every angle and every scenario. Find the remote control and change it to the right input.

Possible problems here-

no remote control

no batteries in the remote

many more

Let’s talk positive now. There were too many options, and some people might not find this funny at all.

If you got to the point where you can see the video, but your mouse is not working, and then press and held the exit/Esc button on the DVR, sometimes it is stop button.

It is strange how there can be so many possibilities to everything.

I think by now you must have fixed it


No, then use the mouse and go to display setting or monitor setup, etc. If you can’t access it then could be you not logged in as an admin.

Change the display setting to 800 x600 and then apply or save

press and hold, stop/etc., your grandma’s monitor should be working now.

DVR is not working|error monitor out of range