Networking problem for DVR systems


Networking problem for DVR systems

networking problem for dvr systems


I have a DVR system that I bought from We have a big house and router is downstairs there’s no way possible to run a CAT5 cable from the router to the DVR that is in my closet upstairs. The DVR system does not have Wi-Fi capability how do I solve this issue?

Answer from DVR unlimited

You can use a power over ethernet adapter; there are two pieces to this device Netgear, TP link and some other companies make it. We sell the TP link because it works fine, and it is under $50. You can buy this anywhere you want. Connect both adopters to wall power outlet, one linear the DVR and other near the router. Then connect the CAT5 cable provided in the box, one to the DVR, and the other to the modem this will solve your network connection problem to the DVR. This device sends the Ethernet signal over your power. Completely secure and reliable. You still might have to do the port forwarding on your DVR. your source for all security camera needs, If you are installer contact us for discounted prices.