Geovision -What is WDR in CCTV cameras??

GeoVision GV-BX3400 Series 3Megapixel WDR Day/Night Box IP Camera



What is WDR in CCTV cameras??

Wide dynamic range(WDR)


In short WDR is useful when the camera is indoor but looking outside, for example a 7-Eleven , camera is located on the ceiling about 12 ft  away from the door (entrance). During day time sun is bright, a regular camera will have a hard time adjusting to the sun. It this case use a WDR camera like the Geovision GV-BX3400 Series 3Megapixel WDR Day/Night Box IP Camera..

when you use a NVR from geovison with geovision WDR ip camera you do not need to buy a separate licence .Since they both made by geovision it is lot easy to get support and warranty from the same company.The picture in this article demonstrate the different in quality if you use WDR.

WDR help to eliminate the bright sunlight problem, geovision is a very reputable company been around for long time.You can also do POS integration with geovision NVR.Search for suspicious voids and returns.

GeoVision GV-BX3400 Series 3Megapixel H.264 WDR Day/Night Box IP Camera ..


GeoVision GV-BX3400 Series 3Megapixel WDR Day/Night Box IP Camera