The bottom mount holes on the WD 6TB drives


This technical memo is to inform you of best known hardware and source, for using

the bottom mount holes on the WD 6TB drives.

As you may know already, the bottom mounting holes for the 6TB had to be made shallower, in order to maintain sufficient casting integrity. This was necessitated when an additional disc was added to the drive family, enabling the 6TB capacity. For details of the change, please refer to the attached bulletin from WD, titled “Screw Depth Guide”.

HDSTOR has researched the hardware available and done some testing in conjunction with a few of our customers. We came to the conclusion that the best currently available option was the #6-32 x 3/16” Phillips pan head machine screw, with bright zinc finish. We found this to be readily available through two sources, although there may be others.

*Note: HDSTOR recommends avoiding stainless steel fasteners, as these have a tendency to gall, or bind, when threaded into aluminum, and may not be easily serviceable.

The recommended vendor is Bolt Depot, item #9225, and can be purchased at a cost of $10.90 per 1000 qty. Here is the direct link:

The second source recommendation would be McMaster-Carr, item number 90272A143, at a cost of $1.76 per 100 qty. Here is that link: