MAGIC Lite Series DVR USB mouse isn’t working?? Here’s a solution!


MAGIC Lite Series DVR USB mouse isn’t working?? Here’s a solution!

If you are facing trouble in using a USB mouse with Magic Series DVRs, Follow these steps.

  • Open the cover of DVR
  • Find the wires which are connected to the USB port
  • Locate the other end of that wires
  • Press that cord tightly
  • Cover back the DVR
  • Now DVR is ready to use with USB mouse
    magic lite dvr
    Eyemax Magic Lite DVR
    magic lite dvr

    magic lite dvr

  • TVST-MAGIC-TL08 8CH 1080p HD-TVI MAGIC Lite Series DVR

    Magic Lite Series : plug both analog & HD-TVI cameras in one dvr. It just works!! / Smartphone Compatible / Mr. Patrol apps available both iPhone & Android phones / Free DDNS service / HDMI Output / H.264

    What is Magic Technology?

    Magic Technology is designed to adopt various video signal types in a single Digital Video Recorder. In other words, any past generation analog CCTV cameras you own, as well as HD-TVI digital CCTV-cameras will work seamlessly with the Magic DVR. Magic technology bridges the gap between analog security and the next generation high definition digital security.

    How Magic Lite DVR Works


    • Full GUI with Alpha Blending
    • Individual Setting of Resolution, Frame Rates & Picture Quality
    • Instant Replay
    • Digital Zoom (Live & Playback)
    • Mouse Control
    • Weekly Scheduler with Holiday by 10 min Setting
    • Covert, Disable & Private Function of Cameras
    • Motion Detection with 576 Area Settings
    • Relay Alarm Output
    • PTZ Control by RS-485
    • Daylight Saving Time and Network Time Setting
    • Multi-User Authority up to 8 Users
    • De-interlacer upon Live & Playback
    • 22 Languages with Full Graphic
    • Individual Network Port Setting
    • Auto Deletion
    • Import and Export the Configuration
    • POS Interface
    • Dual CODEC Engine for Independent Video Transmission
    • Interactive Setup via Network