What is fisheye cctv cameras?


What is fisheye cctv cameras?

fisheye cctv cameras
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fisheye cctv camerasfisheye cctv camerasfisheye cctv cameras
Right now fisheye cameras become more and more popular in security system.

1) cost(including cable, working days, risk of installation)
you just need half working and cost when you are installing the camera, 
for example, if you want to see the whole room, you will have to install two 
cameras in opposite angles. But if you use fisheye camera, just one is ok. 
That means you can regard one fisheye camera as two normal cameras.

2 )shipping cost,You can save half shipping cost.
3) after sales, One fisheye camera works as two camera, that means you will pay less time and money for after sale.also compared with ptz camera,this one more easy.
4) Store Video space and DVR quantity. You can save half HDD space and half DVR quantity

I attach three models of our hot selling models for your reference.
If interested in trying sample,please kindly let me know.