What is the difference between LTD8304T-ET vs LTD8308T-ET vs LTD8316T-ET


What is the difference between  LTD8304T-ET  vs LTD8308T-ET   vs LTD8316T-ET

LTD8304T-ET Efficient HD-TVI ET DVR Series,

LTD8308T-ET Efficient HD-TVI ET DVR Series,

LTD8316T-ET Efficient HD-TVI ET DVR Series

This are the new HD-TVI DVR from LTSecurity inc. OEM for HIKvision with 3 years warranty and 9 offices in USA to provide excellent serv


ice and support, most order are shipped same day.They are also available on Amazon for free and fast shipping from prime if available.

Model Number LTD8308T-ET LTD8316T-ET
Analog & HD-TVI Video In 4CH 8CH 16CH
Record Rate Up to 1080P@30fps with LTS Efficient Mode On
IPC Input 1CH 1080P@30fps 2CH 1080P@30fps 2CH 1080P@30fps
Video Output 1CVBS, 1VGA/1HDMI
up to 1080P

The good feature about the DVR model# ending with ET has BNC out and the model# ending with FT does not.

The bad feature for ET it does not detect Analog camera automatically, you have select then manually in the setup.

ET version do not support IP cameras FT version does support few IP cameras. The BNC out feature is blessing for some installation where the need for a BNC or SPOT OUT absolute necessity, for example a convenience store like AMPM,7-Eleven  or some mom and Pop market.

Some of these small businesses do not have budget to change all their Surveillance system. These convenience store need to update to HD fast but do not like to spend extra money buying HD-TV or run new HDMI cables.

 What is the difference between

LTD8316T-ET and LTD8316T-FT

LTD8308T-ET and LTD8308T-FT
LTD8304T-ET and LTD8304T-FT