Pixel pluse cameras from dvrunlimited


Dvrunlimited cameras  provides affordable surveillance equipment for business and homes that  can be remotely monitored with any PC, smart phones, i-pad, i-phone,mac  or laptop. Clients do not have to pay a monthly fee. The apps are free and easy to use. The Stand Alone DVRS are easy to use and install, DVRS are available in 4 ,8, 16, 24 and 32 channels. One can add as much Hard drive as they wish, We provide special AV( Audio Video) specially made by western digital for this purpose.

If you  are  on the web looking for CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras and Surveillance Cameras. Few things you have to keep in mind

1. Is your DVR compatible with the camera you are looking at. Most DVRS have BNC connection.

  1. 2.  You have to decide if you need a indoor or an outdoor camera

3. If  the place you installing the camera has enough light at night , if not you should buy a camera with IR(infra red)

4. If the area you want to cover is  pretty big, then you will need camera with more IR or more power full  IR. You might even need IR illuminators.

5. Now the cable, how long do you need, we sell premade cables , option are 75 ft,100ft or125 ft for people who want to do it themself. You can connect two cables  together to make it even longer.

6. Siamese cable is mostly used by installers, DIY people can use it also, they come in two sizes 500ft and 1000 ft rolls. You will need BNC connection to make it work. If it a small job, you can use a twist-on BNC, for which you don’t have to buy a tool(a crimper) . For professional installers  it is recommend to use the compression or the crimp kind.

7. Baluns: Active and Passive Baluns are used when you want to use a cat5 or cat6 . There are two kinds: One which sends power and video together;  the other just sends the video only. If you send video only, you can even use 1 cat5 or cat6 to send  video signal to 4 cameras  for up to 1000ft or more depends on the Balun you are using. The other kind which sends video  and power together will use 1 cable for each camera. The advantage of this one is, you don’t have to look for power locally . You might need a RJ45 for this.

If you would want to find out more please write me an email or post on my blog