NVMS7000 App Quick Guide


Recently, we just updated the mobile app NVMS7000 for Android and iPhone. Here is some Basic setup information to help your customer for first-time use.
You can download NVMS7000 from
Android < Link > iPhone < Link >
Let’s Run NVMS700.
For the first time run, Select the Region first.
The Region will affect the Live View, Playback, Alarm Notification based on the location.

Watch Video Tutorial from the YouTube
V4.4.0 Update Features
1. Support device backup and restore in batch by QR code. 2. Support Fisheye Expansion Features 3. Support up to 16X playback speed. 4. Support Swipe Pages for more than 16CH Screen. 5. Support remote controller to operate the device menu. 6. Support remote configuration for configuring recording schedule, device time, password, and other settings.
Live View — How to View my DVR/NVR/IP Camera?
1. click (Menu) on upper left corner.
Click Devices from the Left Menu
2. Select Location from the List.
3. Press Start Live View
(For the first time Use, please see Next Page. How to add Location in the Devices)
Live View
Camera List / Favorites
Tip: How to Delete a location? Android Long Press @ the Location. iPhone swipe  on the location.
Capture Picture
Record Current Window
PTZ Control
Image Quality
Play / Stop
Audio Control
Two-way audio
Alarm output control
Digital Zoom
Fisheye Expansion
DEVICES — How to Add Location into the Device?
1. click (Menu) in the upper left corner Click Devices on the Left Menu.
2. Go Upper Right corner, click & click Manual Adding
3. Then, enter the IP information
Alias: Location nickname
Register Mode: IP/Domain
Address: IP# or dvrlists.com
Port: 8000
User: admin (DVR username)
Password ••••• (DVR password)
Camera No. 0 (Will change it after saved)
4. Click Upper Right corner to Save it.
5. Then, click the Start Live View to View.
Other Useful Settings (Page 7,8)
Scan QR Code – Import
Generate QR Code – Export
Online Device – Search IP Utility
Wifi Configuration – Program Wifi
Camera List / Favorites
1. Press icon go to Camera List
2. Select or de-Select the
camera from the List
3. Click save currently selected camera to a Favorite Group. (i.e. 1-16)
4. When finished, click Start Live View to see the video.
1. To create another Favorite Group. For example, 17-32
2. Uncheck All the camera first
3. Then, Select the camera from the
List. CH17 to CH32, just like 1-16.
4. Click save current camera to a Favorite Group as 17-32
5. When finished, click Start Live View to view
Tips 1: You can save multiple IP Camera to become as one favorite group.
Tips 2: For slow internet speed connection, you can use Favorite to reduce camera connections.

Remote Playback

Save Snapshot
Recap Video (drag time still stop record)
Speed Control
Play / Stop
Digital Zoom
Note: Recap video button is designed for a short moment backup. Drag the timeline will cause record stop. If you try to backup long period time, please use PC to do the backup. Playback Speed Control based on your network speed. Local network may able reach up to 16x speed.
Live View — PTZ Control

1. Enable PTZ button 2. Swipe screen to move UP/DN/LF/RT 3. Click Preset Button to Set or Call Preset.
Live View – Change Image Quality
Image Quality
There are two defined image quality type provided, including Clear and Fluent. (Prefer to Fluent)
*IMPORTANT* The Custom Button for Expert Use Only. The Custom control is related to the remote configuration for customize the image quality. If you adjust the setting that will also effect to your local recording quality, too.
Live View – Fisheye Expansion
Fisheye Expansion feature only supports with LTS Fisheye Camera. (More descriptions in the Configuration -> Help)
Picture & Video
In Picture and Video Management interface, you can view and manage the local
video file and pictures that you manually record (clip) and capture in Live view and
Remote Playback interface. The pictures and video files are stored in the NVMS7000
directory of the SD card. You can also share the pictures and video files to other
available applications.
Share or Delete the video, select Pencil icon for more actions.

Devices — Generate QR Code (Same as Backup Device Lists)
Generate QR Code is a useful tool, and you can Backup Current or Multiple Locations into a QR Code.
1. Click Logo (Menu) -> Devices 2. Select Generate QR Code from the menu. 3. Select Location, and click Generate QR Code
4. Save it.
Devices — Scan QR Code (Same as Import Device Lists)
Scan QR Code is a useful tool, and you can Import QR code location from your cellphone, or scan it from your PC.
1. Click Logo (Menu) -> Devices 2. Click Scan QR Code to import location(s).
Open QR Code from the Gallery
Select Location(s) & Click Add
Done. Device Added
Devices — Online Device (Same as IP Portal Utility)
Online Device is a useful tool, and you can search & modify the IP Camera address without using PC.
1. Connect to Local WIFI first (Same Network)
2. Click Logo (Menu) -> Devices
3. Click , select Online Device Then, you found all of the LTS IP devices.

Done. IP Cam Added
enter IP Camera User Password & Save it
Alarm (Push Notification)

In order to use this feature, your IP Camera/DVR/NVR must enable Motion Detect or VCA function and Notify Surveillance Center must enable.
PT Cloud Login How to Login PTCloud thru Mobile?
Go to Main Menu Button, Click PT Cloud
1. enter PTCloud User Name & Password (If you haven’t complete PTCloud setup, please see KB – how to setup PTCloud)
2. Click Login
*Remember, Your User Name & Password already setup. If you don’t know, or not setup yet. Please check the KB how to setup. LTS won’t respond your user account and password.
After Login Success, you should see your DVR on the list.
Click on DVR, then select Live View
(If you haven’t complete PTCloud setup, please see KB – how to setup PTCloud)

Help / Manual
New – Hard-Decoding Preferred (require Android 4.1+, for lower CPU usage while playing live view or playback) (Note — Capture, Digital Zoom, Fisheye Expansion and local playback will be disabled)
For more description of user manual, Go to Menu -> Configuration -> Help
Or, check our website for more help KB-NVMS7000 App Quick Guide 072916