Raid HDD Formatting for LTN9664-R


Raid HDD Formatting for LTN9664-R

LT Security posted this on Sep 25, 2015

Raid HDD Formatting for LTN9664-R

Notice: You cannot create RAID thru IE. Only work for Local

1. This is the RAID edition NVR. So, you must have 2 or pair/group HDDs at least.
2. Install 2 HDD into the NVR.

3. After Login, goto HDD -> RAID

4. Goto 1st TAB on the top. Physical Disk Select 2 HDD and click Create

5. After select proper RAID, for example RAID 1. Name the Disk and click OK

6. Switch to 2nd TAB on the top. Array You should see the Array Name you created.

7. Create Virtual Disk Select Array, and click Create Vd, name the disk and OK

8. Switch to 3rd TAB on the top. Virtual Disk You should see the Disk you created. It is format backgroundly.

9. After wait for 10-30sec, switch to HDD General You should see your HDD is available.