How to Setup People Counting Camera


How to Setup People Counting Camera

LT Security posted this on Nov 16, 2015

How to Setup People Counting Camera

Installing the People Counting Camera

1. Attach the double sided adhesive to the back of the camera and mount it above the doorway.

People 0

2. Position the camera directly above any entrances or areas of interest without any obstruction.

People 1

3. Attach lens cover once camera is securely fastened to surface.

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Configuring the People Counting Camera

1. Once you log into the camera, go to “Configuration”.

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2. Go to “Advanced Configuration”.

People 4

3. Go to “People Counting”.

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4. Ensure the “Enabled People Counting”, “Camera Calibration”, and “Enable OSD Overlay” are all checked.

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5. Adjust the detection line, coverage line, and reference line by moving the lines and making it bigger or smaller.

People 7

6. Once finished, click on save.
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Exporting People Counting Data

1. To export the data, go to “People Counting Statistics” tab.

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2. Choose the “Type of Report”.  There are 4 options: Daily, Weekly, Month, and Annually.

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3. Under “Statistics Type”, you can select “People Entered” or “People Exited”.

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4. Next, you can select the date of the data you wish to retrieve.

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5. Once finished, click on “Export”.

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6. Select a folder or create a new folder in the location on your computer and rename the excel file.

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7. Then click on “Save”.

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*Make sure a microSD card is installed and formatted before configuring to enable people counting function.