Virtual Printer configuration for SDA


Virtual Printer configuration for SDA

Info extracted from VASC Field Service Bulletin 0205-002
and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) document on Knowdgebase (by Roger Boswell)


Sapphire with Base 153 (or later) application (Ruby or Topaz system)
HPV-20 Ruby Cards must support Bravo feature
RS-232 Serial cable (p/n 13836-xx)

Configure SMS

Sapphire System Properties Manager: change “dvr.multicast.Enable” to FALSE..
Update, Save, and Send to Sapphire… (see following pages)

If installing SDA on RUBY:

1. Gemstall upgrade Ruby for Virtual Printer
9600 Baud
8 bit
No Parity
Config 1000-0080

2. Connect serial cable to Ruby Com port (designated during Gemstall)
3. Connect other end of serial cable to security camera interface.
4. Install HPV-20 Ruby Card with Bravo feature in Ruby
5. Reboot Sapphire and Ruby.
If installing SDA on TOPAZ:

1. Connect Serial cable to com 5 of Topaz …
(com 5 is Default for DVR… power to com port is not required)
2. Connect other end of cable to security camera interface (adaptor may be required)
3. Install HPV-20 Ruby Card with Bravo feature in Sapphire
4. Reboot Sapphire and Topaz


System can be tested with Hyperterminal on a laptop..
1 Configure Hyperterminal for 9600 Baud with Emulation VT100
2 Connect cable from Topaz/Ruby to laptop (Red null serial modem)..
Transactions will show up in Hyperterminal, if all else is correct… (see last page)
Cable can then be moved from laptop to the SDA device..

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Datastream off of Topaz with Serial Connection

Issue: Trying to enable DVR connection off of Topaz system

Resolution: There is a setting in SMS Configuration Manager that will move the DVR off of the Sapphire and enable it on the Topaz unit. This setting (dvr.multicastEnable) is in Sapphire Configuration Manager > Sapphire > System Properties and is defaulted to “true”:

This setting (dvr.multicastEnable ) will have to be flagged to “false” and then click “Update”. Once the update is complete, click “Save” and then “Send to Sapphire”. Leave the other DVR settings in SMS defaulted to their factory values unless otherwise advised.
Once this setting is flagged to “false”, COM5 off of the Topaz is defaulted for the DVR feed and can be connected via an RS-232 cable to the Security Camera Interface. The Topaz unit will have to be rebooted in order for the DVR feed to start working.

You can test the feed to see if it working by connecting the Topaz COM5 to a comport on the HPV-20 or a laptop and configuring a Hyperterminal session with following settings:
Comport = x ( x = comport of your choosing)
Baud rate = 9600
Parity = N
Stop Bits = 1
Data Size = 8

If everything is configured and connected correctly you should see the sales information from the Topaz come across the Hyperterminal screen as seen below:


Virtual Printer and SDA