Your IP Camera Just Got Smarter


Your IP Camera Just Got Smarter

Dahua Technology USA
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IVS Value-Added Upgrade Available
on network fixed cameras, NVRs, and HCVRs

We’re delivering the latest intelligent video solutions (IVS) to select Dahua devices – and it’s complimentary. Your valued customers can now take advantage of Dahua’s IVS firmware update. This suite of smart analytics  provides real-time information, assists with data search, reduces response time, and saves on storage.
IVS technology from Dahua NOW comes STANDARD for most fixed network cameras, NVRs, and HCVRs. Get smart video surveillance technology that allows your customer to:

  • Analyze real-time images to instantly detect suspicious activities and generate alerts.
  • Reduce the amount of time searching through stored data.
  • Operate independently, without the need of a dedicated analytics server.

Qualifying devices are eligible for additional features, such as:


Motion Detection


Scene Change

Missing / Abandoned Object

People Counting

Heat Mapping

Facial Recognition