IP- Cameras are an excellent choice for surveillance for your home or business-dvrunlimited


IP- Cameras

are an excellent choice for surveillance for your home or business. They come in all shape and sizes these days. Bullet IP cameras are popular for outdoor, most bullet cameras have IR- LEDS  which enables them to see in the dark to a certain distance, it is necessary to check the specifications  of the camera to see how far the camera can cover in the dark, usually it is always less than the specification says. It is not that the manufacturer is lying about the specification.  I think the manufactures specification  are based on a perfect and optimized situation, but when  installing the camera all factors might not be perfect. By factors,  I mean the environment like the height and angel of the camera might not be 100% in favor of the cameras. Some of the IP bullet cameras are veri focal, which means if  needed one can adjust the lens to cover a wide or narrow view. Suppose’’ for example’’ the lens is 2.8mm to 12mm. This means the cameras can the adjusted according to need. If you need to zoom in more pick a camera with 50mm or 100mm lens.

Bullet IP cameras usually come with built in lens, but if you want to select  and add you own lens then you must pick a Box/Brick/professional  IP cameras. When selecting a lens for IP cameras make sure they are compatible for the camera you buying, mega pixel lens is recommended for IP cameras. Most  Ip cameras have built in . IP cameras mostly start with 1.3 MP, 2MP, 3 MP, 5MP and they go up to 25MP.

Choosing an IP camera depends on you need and budget, www.dvrunlimited.com has a huge selection of IP cameras. Remember to check with the NVR manufacturer if the camera is compatible with it, sometimes a license is required to make the camera work with a third party NVR. I would suggest to stick with the same manufacturer for both the NVR and the IP cameras. For instance if the NVR is from Geovision it is recommended  to use Geovision  IP cameras. Onvif  feature is important to have, now a day’s most high end IP cameras have it.

Dome IP cameras are very popular for indoor use, they have a flush mount sometimes and most time with Dome IP camera it is easy to hide the cable and connectors.

www.dvrunlimited.com is providing some cameras made by HIK vision this cameras have the same specification like the cameras from Honeywell.

www.dvrunlimited.com can also get OEM cameras from Dahua.