Power Line Communication IP Security System


Power Line Communication IP Security System
PLC (Power Line Communication) is a technology then enables sending data over existing power cables. Which means,
No need network cables(Cat5e, Cat6e or Wifi) to connect the cameras to NVR, Cameras, and NVRs communicated over power lines.

What are the advantages of PLC Kit?
1. Real plug and play, super easy operation.
2. PLC signally is much stable and reliable than WIFI, No consumption of bandwidth, no interference.
3. Transmission distance is up to 300m over power lines. No need dedicated cabling.
4. faster transmission speed up to 200Mbps) without any video stream delay.

How to use this PLC kit?
1. Select IP Cameras and NVR close to power outlets.
2. Install cameras and NVR by plugging the plugs of cameras and NVR into power outlets.
3. Setup in PC, laptop, and smartphone, then you can record, preview your videos anytime, anywhere

PLC is a good solution for IP CCTV system; user can save cost and time of installing cables, it help user to easily install high definition
IP Cameras and NVR in any places where have electricity. Super easy to use, CCTV has never been so easy, DIY,( Do it yourself) kit for Power Line Communication IP Security System