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Be A Click Away. Master Your Networks.

You’ve built reliable networks using EnGenius managed devices…NOW, take full advantage of those management Features!

The ezMaster software is a free network management software that resolves:

  • Excessive Truck Rolls
  • Costly Licensing Fees
  • Numerous Customer Calls
  • Multiple Device Provisioning
  • Anxiety of Failing Networks

Use ezMaster to perfect your network management!


Managing multiple networks while cutting out excessive truck rolls and network monitoring licensing fees and overly priced hardware brings your total cost of ownership down.

Avoid the costly customer visits and licensing fees and remotely resolve everything from one location.

Be ahead of the game with real Time Monitoring.

Know the health of your networks via a remote easy dashboard that gives you an at a glance view of all network devices and users.

Fully control your devices and users.


Pin Point Issues and Link To resolve the Problem.

Get instant locations and signal propagation of your wireless access points and quickly drill down to access point configurations and client activity.


For Any Need, We Have The Hardware

The managed line of products from EnGenius covers indoor, outdoor and switch technology.

Take advantage of our full line of managed devices and free licensing software now!