HD-SDI Vs IP Cameras


When it comes to high resolution camera or security camera California, HD-SDI and IP camera are the ones discussed mostly. It is widely discussed among media, end-users and manufacturers that between HD-SDI and IP camera which one is better for video surveillance system. As both of them are able to reach megapixel resolutions, it is hard to compare one with other. IP camera can achieve video stream network storage and distribution, encoding and video capturing, embedded web page has video applications. Intelligent IP cameras even have got intelligent analysis functions.


Consequently, network cameras have every core feature of the video surveillance system, thus system of surveillance in theory could only be constructed by the use of network camera. Some people don’t agree with it: if IP camera is able to make video system of surveillance independently, what is then the use of VMS and NVR? The reason behind NVR’s existence is the SD cards’ storage capacity shortage and SD cards storage safety’s risk.

Image Quality

The work of HD-SDI camera is just video capturing that is similar to typical CCTV analog camera, and the only considerable difference is an image resolution that is improved from the D1 to the mega pixels. Thus, in the HD-SDI camera that is based on video surveillance system, the core of the system is HD-DVR’s. HD-SDI cameras’ advocators emphasize on two, latency of live video and image quality. HD-SDI camera’s live video is not encoded that’s why its image quality is much better than network camera or IP camera, but it has got just mathematic meaning. As human eyes are limited to identify certain image details, thus there remain no difference between IP camera and HD-SDI camera.


HD-SDI has no latency of live video while network camera has got theoretical latency of 140ms at 30fps and 70ms at 60fpsk. However, in real applications latency of IP camera is averagely greater than 1 second due to the unstable network. If developers of IP cameras pay some attention to this issue to reach the theoretical minimum latency, so there will remain no practical difference between SD-HDI camera and IP camera. In HD-SDI camera, an independent subsystem has HD-DVR and many cameras connected to it. Failed HD-DVR at this point leads to every related surveillance point ineffective.


In an IP based camera video surveillance system, each camera is considered an independent sub-system. There is not any depot point, thus IP cameras are much more reliable than HD-SDI camera. In fully digital IP cameras, digital images are very easily retrieved and stored as compared to other analog video tapes. Wireless camera based on IP surveillance system offers a very cost-effective and flexible solution. Being wireless, they could be used in trains and buses. In addition, they could also be used as home security cameras and commercial security cameras. When it comes to surveillance security cameras installed in California, IP based camera is a good option to consider.