Security Cameras with Facial Recognition System


What Is Face Recognition System?

Face recognition system is a physiological biometric, that is an advanced technology used as mass and additional security measure. It is an application or computer program that identifies an individual from a video frame or digital image from a source.


The ability of differentiating between the face and the background is very significant in face recognition system for it helps the system identify a face even in a crowd.  All faces have got distinguishable features and many landmarks, the different valleys and peaks which add to the features of face. The person’s specific features of face are compared, by system, with those which are stored in database. To recognize a face, system uses nodal points, consists of face print. The nodal points are measured making a numerical code which represents an individual’s face in the database.

Key Features That Are Measured By The System Are:

  • Eye sockets’ depth
  • Nose’s width
  • Distance between eyes
  • Jaw line’s length
  • Cheekbones’s shapes

Cameras Having Face Recognition System

Face recognition system has got compatibility with cameras and the system is frequently used in banks as well as in airports. The incredible potential that an advanced face recognition system has doesn’t make the users from struggling to enhance the use and system’s accuracy. Technology advancement has lead to advanced security measures in different premises, companies, offices and firms. Now-a-days, many people prefer using advanced security devices and security equipment for safeguarding their surroundings. Face recognition system, fingerprint readers and surveillance cameras are vital of them. Security camera California having facial recognition system has increased noticeably in advanced era. These cameras ensure 100% security of your surroundings and premises.

Security cameras with face recognition system use complex algorithm for verifying identity. Face’s unique characteristics are considered which doesn’t age with the passage of time. There are 80 such kind of nodal points on an individual’s face. Face recognition system considers few of these points. The face details of enrolled persons are stored in the system’s database like a face template. Next time on, when a person looks at the camera, the details of his face would be compared with the database’s templates and the enrolled person would be recognized.

 Why A Security Camera?

Wireless security cameras and home security cameras may prove to be very helpful in ensuring 100% protection of an area. These security cameras could also be used as surveillance security cameras for commercial security. Face recognition system in Security cameras are the need of time because now-a-days robbery and theft is at its peak. Threats to property and life are all around you. No premise is entirely secure in these modern days.