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IP camera is the term commonly used for hybrid digital video recorder cameras that receive and send data over the internet through network connection. For an example, webcam in computers are also an IP camera or the surveillance cameras. IP cameras are basically of two types, first one is centralized cameras that requires NVR i.e. network video recorder for management and another one is decentralized cameras that directly record hard digital storage media same as a hard disk.  Decentralized parts are known as DVR system.

hybrid digital video recorderAdvantages Of Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

Hybrid systems use best DVR board and NVR systems as they are generally more affordable for smaller businesses. The expenditures of NR system originate from the software licenses, standalone encoders and server costs but they need more IP addresses, and physical space to function properly. On the other hand, Hybrid DVRs are very easy to use as they have plug and play systems that are best to choose for a simple and easy security applications and DVR board are comparatively costs less than NVR systems.

Off-Shelf, Pre-Built Technology Based Hybrid DVR

As hybrid digital video recorder use off shelf, pre-built technology, they are the best safety solutions for those who ultimately want to move to a pure NVR system. On the other hand, the DVRs also use the similar client software that generally used in the hybrid digital video recorder so that the switch over to NVR systems can be easily done.

hybrid digital video recorderAffordable Safety For Business Through Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

Providing security cameras for your business is quite serious in today’s life. But the technological inventions are creating the process more affordable and simpler. Whether you prefer to use Hybrid system, DVR system or a NVR system, in all the cases you will increase your comfortable level that will help you to concentrate on your business easily.

Many people still finding that why hybrid systems are more important than the normal conventional systems?

If your budget is quite less and you are planning for a better future then Hybrid DVR is the best option for you. Here are some of the benefits of hybrid DVRs.

Benefits Of Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

  • In case you want to update your DVR you can make use of your existing security cameras and can migrate it later when your budget allows you. Also you can buy a new IP camera and can install it directly to your system.
  • Another benefit is, you can arrange a unit at inaccessible site close to the security cameras with the help of these hybrid systems and can easily locate them without concerning about bandwidth between the buildings.
  • These require minimum configuration and set up time. Subsequently, getting the live recordings and videos easily and quickly.
  • It requires lower maintenance and equipment cost.
  • Training time of hybrid DVR is comparatively less than pure IP solutions. Most of the integrators offer on-site training for operators and administrators. Generally, many end users take very less time to configure and operate the system just in few hours.