How To Configure IP Camera To Access Through Internet


IP cameras are easily accessible from your network inside your home but are they accessible from outside too? In case when you are accessing your camera through phone or PC especially when you are spending time with your dear ones and want to configure IP camera, how you can access it from outside as well?

configure IP cameraHere you will get a small guide that will explain everything you want to know. Generally, home security cameras connected with a router, the best known situation, so the DDNS and ADSL settings are not in use. Almost, all the jobs are done on router. If you make a dial up connection of your home security cameras you can easily transfer the essential orders immediately as soon as you get the information.  Here you will get to know some methods to configure IP camera. Here are some methods to configure IP cameras…

Dynamic Domain Name Server Set Up

Although not important, but the use of DNS server system can make your life stress-free. Without this, you must have the external internet protocol address which has been assigned to you by your ISP which you can use to access your network camera from outside.  But while using; you need to keep a track on it because it is likely hired only for a limited time period and it frequently changes from time to time.

In registration method, the DNS servers will provides a list of domains from which you can easily choose and map it with the external address to configure IP camera. The router will then interact with the dynamic DNS service providers in order to update the changes.

The very first thing is to fetch the dedicated section to Dynamic DNS set up  in order to know what choice of DNS service provider is available, this contrasts from manufacturers.  Once you are done with this, you will get the information that the name along with the domain you have choose is already reserved or not and if yes then you have to choose the other one. After that you have to enter the domain in your router and your router will make the necessary updates time to time as the IP address changes.

configure IP cameraForwarding Port To Configure IP Camera

For your home security cameras, to configure IP camera you can go for port forwarding method. For this you should assign secure IP address in the router DHCP table for your device to make them work consistently. Also; while connecting you should make sure that the firewall of the router should not block the ports incoming traffic that you are using.

The URL will indicate the external address and you have to tell the router from where the traffic will transmit inside your Local Area Network.

Multiple Device System

Foscam, IP camera provides the suitability to access 9 IP cameras at once through a single interface. So, if you will use the same feature, you will definitely enter the internal IP address through multi device system of ActiveX configuration interface.  So, when you get connected to the internet you get to know that you can only access the master camera and can view the rest ones.

Above mentioned methods to configure IP camera are the best ways to follow for your home safety cameras even when you are outside your home.