GeoVision Security Cameras AVP Software Functions


Qualities That Make GeoVision AVP Cameras Powerful

If you are concerned about the security element of your assets, then you certainly want to get a quality camera device. For such people, GeoVision security cameras are truly perfect option to choose. It is a high resolution camera that comes with outstanding features. With 2 MP real time cameras, a user can have more clearer images. To feature dynamic range, it offers amazing control of PTZ by which you can see in diverse lighting places. Apart from it, the device consists of several advanced functions and brilliant GeoVision AVP software functions.

GeoVision Security Cameras – Capable To Cover Miles Of Distance

You somehow would not believe; however it is a reality that you can have thorough coverage of area miles away with GeoVision security cameras. By utilizing option for 18X optical zoom, you can easily see things which are miles away. It is a fantastic feature of this camera. Generally, for surveillance of house or small place, this is not a suitable security device, but for a large scale company or a big retail shop, it is certainly a wonderful option. It is an ideal application for things that require high image resolution camera or surveillance.

Updated Version Of GeoVision AVP Software

geovision security camerasThe newly introduced version of Geovision AVP software in GeoVision security cameras is really dynamic. With initial version, you should get license dongle first to operate it. However, the latest version comes with in-built feature that makes it a handy device. It comprises of several interesting functions. The features include face count, video defogging, object tracking, video stabilization, panorama view, advanced detection, scene change feature, crowd detection feature, unattended object detection feature and detection of missing object. All these functions are located in advanced video analysis option.

Advanced Object Tracking & Video Processing Function

To fulfill the need of high security measures, GeoVision security cameras comes with advanced object tracking and video processing feature that provide excellent monitoring quality to users. After setting up this function, the security camera becomes capable to track a person or object till it get away from the vision of camera. Moreover, using proper configuration, you can focus or zoom that object. In addition to these functions, face count is another versatile function of this device that captures the faces of the users and then logs it properly in system which is utilized in creating reports.

geovision security camerasComplete Understanding Of Face Count Function Of GeoVision Security Cameras

The function makes it possible to capture users’ faces and then convert it to create logs. Though, it cannot be taken as facial recognition program. So, you cannot categorize or search faces through it. To do so, it should be done manually. Thus, it is an incredible feature that comes with GeoVision security cameras.

In addition to this camera type, surveillance security cameras installed in California come in varied range including dome camera, IP camera, network camera and so on. As per your preferences, you can make your choice and ensure your security.