Advantages Of RJ UTC Over OSD

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What Is RJ UTC?

The reader junction box or the RJ Box is a micro box that offers a cost effective amalgamation point for the entire wiring of door controls, readers and micro-controllers. The RJ, Up the Coax (UTC) standardizes, simplifies and regulates connections of wires by carrying digital input, readers, door lock and micro-controllers with the main point.

RJ UTC series upkeep CCTV cameras on screen display control through coaxial cable with the help of remote controls. These security cameras wireless transmitter receivers help the end users to enjoy more simple and easy way to control OSD and to install cameras.

Range of RJ UTC

  • Not only provides F/2F but also supervised F/2F communications.
  • Easily maintain 40 VAC up to 48 VDC (Maximum) door strikes.
  • Assault power ferocity for security shield to get protection from short circuits on the doors.
  • Easy wiring diagrams.
  • Extra 5m. Cables for nearer readers.

security cameras wireless transmitter receiverRJ UTC Security Cameras Wireless Transmitter Receiver Features

It is a simple external component that is available at very low cost which anyone can afford. It provides small packed integrated circuit or IC. RJ UTC security cameras wireless transmitter receivers designed specially to fulfill special security criteria. It also provides clarity, natural color and high resolution. It provides various applications namely:

RJ UTC comprises of RJ 102, UTC Receiver, RJ 201 and UTC Transmitter. Here we will discuss it in brief.

Security Cameras Wireless Transmitter Receivers – RJ 102, UTC Receiver And RJ 201, UTC Transmitter

RJ102 basically helps in decoding the command and sending the command to CCTV ISP along with GPIO standards. It is perfect of all sort of ISP whereas RJ201, UTC transmitter conduct the command through video line to receiver which lies on the camera module.

Apart from RJ102 and RJ201 receiver and transmitters respectively, RJ208, DVRIR,  eight channel receiver is also available that helps to decode and send the IR signal from remote controller to the CCTV camera respectively which is duly connected with DVR with the help of coaxial cables. The same process is followed in the Master RJ208 receivers. It is a simple component available in a tiny IC packing at low cost that provides all kind of DVR solution.

Now we will discuss about another useful OSD feature of CCTV cameras.

What Is OSD In Security Cameras Wireless Transmitter Receiver?

OSD stands for on screen display it’s a very popular and essential feature which now days is available in all CCTV cameras. The main advantage of OSD is that it offers easily understandable, efficient and simple wasecurity cameras wireless transmitter receiverys of setting various situations of the camera.

The on screen display of any device can easily be accessible with the help of a simple control that are connected with video cord and with the power. With the help of user friendly OSD feature, anyone can easily change the setting so as to get the best quality functionality and image for the unique security cameras wireless transmitter receiver setting.