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Up the Coax or UTC cameras are the analog wireless coax transmitter for security cameras that completely supports the control of on screen display i.e. OSD, distance and focus adjustment through wireless coax transmitter for security cameras with the help of a remote controller.

How To Install UTC Wireless Coax Transmitter For Security Cameras?

At the time of installation of cameras, the person who is installing it has to expose the box of the camera in order to control on screen display (OSD) menu and has to organize a convenient camera to fix the display and the focus and distance. But with Up The Coax (UTC) controller and camera; the installer does not require doing the same. The RJ Up the Coax (UTC) wireless coax transmitter for security cameras are very easy to install and the installer can also fix the UTC controller with the On Screen Display (OSD) menu easily at the time of installation.

Important Elements Of 960H UTC DVR And 960H UTC camera

wireless coax transmitter for security camerasFirst we will discuss about the various elements of 960HUTC security camera. Below is the list of features:

  • 960H Up the coax provides video resolution up to 700 TV lines,
  • It provides OSD control and easy UTC focus and distance settings,
  • Noise reduction effects at very low lights and ghost reduction effects,
  • Better video quality with clarity and enhanced visibility with digital image,
  • Digital WDR i.e. wide dynamic range,
  • Life time IR LED support, and
  • Digital IST (Image Stabilizing Technology)

Wireless cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor configurations these days. These are nowadays used as the most important and useful security devices that are used as a receiver and transmitter of images directly from camera to the monitor or DVR.

wireless coax transmitter for security camerasFeatures Of 960H UTC DVR

  • It provides very high compression of H.264
  • It has dual stream.
  • It also provides money saving alarm relay.
  • It has updated CMS software.
  • It helps to see a mobile view on 3G devices like on Android/iPhone/iPod/Blackberry.
  • It is a most stable system that provides fast processing speed.

UTC Remote Controller – Wireless Coax Transmitter For Security Cameras

Whenever the view or the video in CCTV seems to be unclear and strange and need to adjust the distance or focus for better video quality and clarity and display, the user can easily make use of a UTC remote control in order to operate by keeping it in front of the device without making any changes or without touching the camera.

RJ UTC (Up the Coax) camera is a bullet type camera that also has best day and night light setting functionality. Also, OSD focal length, menu and focus of camera can be easily adjusted with the help of a DVR menu just by a single coaxial cable.