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 700tvl security camera For H960 DVR To Get Best Results

700tvl security camera might be the best value for the price and quality. Sony came with this excellent quality chip called SONY effio-E and Sony effio-p, they are exceptionally sturdy and reasonably priced cameras. The Sony effio-P even has WDR function just like the PIXIM SEA WOLF. Lot of OEM companies in China and Korea buy this chips from Sony and use them in different type of cameras.

700tvl security camera

This is a highly reliable, affordable and of super quality when it comes to the security and protection of your office, home or some property of immense value and importance to one. The camera can be connected to your VCR, TV or even security monitor. This is an advantage to the user.

It has the following features;

700tvl security camera

Sony1/3” 700 Eff io Color CCD sensor

Built-in powerful IR LED illuminator

Weatherproof, 2.8- 12mm varifocal adjustable lens

Also, day/ night feature with IR.

This product is superb with exceptionally clear night IR viewing. The camera has a Sony super HAD CCD image sensor 700tvl security camera, and also Sony DSP technology ..

The high class superb 700tvl camera is one of the best quality cctv cameras to make one smile both day and night. It has an infrared that can project a distance of up to 114ft (35 meters). All the objects within this distance range will all be visible. It is unique and has a built in powerful and robust weatherproof casing. The 42- infrared LED illuminator  700tvl security camera with makes it work best in wider conditions like rainy, dusty or even severe climatic conditions. One don’t need to worry about unpredictable weather changes anymore if you install this camera. This is fantastic news! One can be assured of it. 700tvl security camera

This outdoor and indoor camera suits best your surveillance applications. The infrared, color camera automatically switches to black and white picture at night. At night, the photo sensor within the IR Dome switches the camera to B/W. The built in 23/24 LED IR illuminators enhances lighting during darkness. Installation of this camera is easy. It just involves drilling the screw holes that match the mounting bracket. Most people who have used it have minimal problems with installation.

Most people who have had a chance of using it has proved that indeed it is of high quality.  700tvl security camera. One of the users had this comment, “Very pleased with this camera as it shows a convenient angle and superior quality vision. Another person also said that the quality is far superior with an incredible night vision and true colors!

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700tvl camera700tvl camera