Sony Effio High Resolution Cameras


Sony Effio from Sony high resolution cameras series are the best security cameras that has been introduced with the engineered radar chip that covey high resolution video that nourishes from CCTV cameras.

Well if you are planning to buy a security camera for your office or residential purposes, I would suggest that you take a look at the Sony Effio series. Sony offers the best of technology in its cameras. When you buy a Sony product you can be rest assured for its quality, ease of use and customer satisfaction. In this article, you will learn about various technologies Sony high resolution cameras make use of.

Sony High Resolution Cameras – List Of Technologies

sony high resolution camerasEffio means Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor. It is the best quality processor that is found in Sony gadgets that releases very high resolution pictures up to 650 TVL, provides high color reproduction and extraordinary signal to noise fraction. As compared to conventional CCTV cameras Sony Effio chip embedded security cameras provide crystal clear pictures with developed compassion.

The available series of Effio in Sony high resolution cameras is as follows:

  • Effio
  • Effio – E
  • Effio – S
  • Effio – P

See the difference between Sony Effio chip embedded security camera and normal camera.

The List Of Technologies That Effio Series Offer

  • sony high resolution camerasWDR (Wide Dynamic Range) – This function is envisioned to offer perfect, clear and high quality images even under the situation of back light shadow where the power of radiance can diverge excessively, specifically when there are very dark and very bright areas instantaneously in the arena of assessment of camera. For an instance we can say a click in front of big windows. WDR permits the image click and display both in dark and bright areas at a time in the same edge or frame. It clearly depicts that it shoot a click while setting the functions so that the bright area will not get soaked and dark areas will not be too dark while capturing.
  • Adaptive Tone Reproduction – This function in Sony high resolution cameras help to improve the visibility of the image by giving the finest shade compensation. Also it is the cardinal form of the WDR i.e. wide dynamic range and is less expensive.
  • High Light Compensation (HLC) – It overwhelms high light sources such as flashlights, headlights of vehicles etc. in dusky areas and averts the camera from being blinded. This feature is not required with WDR because it already get installed in wide dynamic range.
  • 2G DNR (2G Digital Noise Reduction) – Low light, clear, and quality images are provided by 2D DNR function of Sony high resolution cameras.
  • Charge Coupled Device – It is also known as CCD chip. Many of the Sony Competitors are making use of HAD CCD and first generation super HAD CCD. But these do not provide high quality pictures as CCD in Sony camera produces.

These above mentioned features of Sony Effio integrated chip security cameras will help you easily judge the features and cost that you are paying at the time of purchase.