Geovision GV-800-16 DVR Card Features


If you own a business in California or any other state in US, you need to have a good surveillance system to keep an eye on crimes such as car theft from parking lot, cash robbery, residential vandalism and so on. So I finally bought some security cameras to install in my business place. Setting up cameras individually is a tedious job so I went looking for a DVR box that can establish connection for my various cameras. Before buying, I insist that I invest some time on reviews, news post and forums to get the best DVR box. While, I was searching and reviewing, I found Geovision GV-800-16 DVR Card worth spending money on. To be honest, I always looked into quality features than the quantity of features a DVR card offers.

Why Geovision GV-800-16 DVR Card?

geovision gv 800 16 dvr cardSo, what made me choose the Geovision GV-800-16 DVR Card? Well, let’s see on some of its specifications which I found quite powerful. These are:

  • Display and recording resolution of 704×480
  • Varied compressions technology such as Wavelet, MPEG-4, Geo MPEG4, Geo MPEG4 (ASP), Geo H264
  • Pre-schedule recording mode along with motion detection
  • Video input of up to 16 cameras and 4 audio inputs
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop feature to control another GV-System
  • Remotely Accessible Via iPhone, iPad, Android and PC
  • When you use D1 Resolution it can record 60 Frames Per Second equivalent to 3.75 per channel
  • When you use CIF Resolution  it can record 120 Frames Per Second equivalent to 7.5 per channel
  • Input Type GV-800 BNC: BNC X 4
  • Supports GV-DSP, GV-A16 and GV-NET/IO card
  • Live internet monitoring
  • Compatible with BNC video cables
  • Comes with a special 16 BNC port adapter

geovision gv 800 16 dvr cardGV800B And GV800A Series DVR Card

The two most common series that you can get are GV800B and GV800A cards. The difference between the two is the video capture frame rate. GV800B capture higher video frame rates. Also, there have been many complaints for GV800A cards. The most common complaints that I read were that it often loses the video signal on one channel then subsequently loses for all the channels. Also, GV800A DVR cards are outdated, so I will recommend that when you order specify the vendor to give you B series of the GV-800 16 channel cards.

Insist On Installing An UPS System

Though, there is less power outage but I will recommend that you use an UPS system. There was an incident at my business place earlier where I lost power for some time and there was no one to turn on the system. At that very night, there was a robbery in my parking lot which was not recorded due to power outage. You can visit our website to find the best deals and look into more features on Geovision GV-800-16 DVR Card.