HD- SDI camera from dvrunlimited inc


HD- SDI camera from dvrunlimited inchd sdi camera

HD- SDI camera is one of the cameras that is compatible with HD- SDI DVRs and is able to connect to the HD- SDI DVRs through conventional coaxial cable like RG59 or RG6. This makes it possible to upgrade a CCTV camera system devoid of replacing the whole set of cables. It can be done by replacing it with HD-SDI Camera.  The IP network cameras use Ethernet cable.

These HD- SDI cameras do not need to be networked like the IP cameras. At the same time,  they can visualize in complete darkness up to a distance of up to 150 Ft because of it infrared.  It has a lens of 2.8 – 12mm varifocal that allows for zooming capability. This makes it possible to pick up even extremely small details depending on how you mount it.  These cameras offer all the benefits of Megapixel IP network are capable of 1080p video transmission just like a 2 Megapixel IP. The camera is capable of capturing a full 1080p and a rate of 30 frames per second without hang ups.

The HD- SDI camera has a threaded mount making it sturdier than most cameras. It is remarkably easy to mount with greater freedom for positioning; much better than dome. It is water proof and a screen display menu that allows you to make adjustments to the settings. The display menu is controlled by a joystick type button built within the camera cable.  The resolution is superior! It lacks a wide dynamic range but has controllable features such sharpness, brightness, mirror functions, contrast and even automatic exposure.

Most of the customers reviews on HD- SDI camera reveal that is affordable and much better that the analog cameras.  Some of them even say that it is possible to switch the camera’s resolution from 1080p to 720p and back if you feel like. This is great! The built in DVR not only has a user friendly interface but also superior quality, components and features which anyone with limited CCTV knowledge can use.