geovision ip camerasgeovision ip cameras


Just as the name suggests, Geovision literally means earth vision, on the other hand, Geovision IP cameras is  the trademark name for cameras used mostly for surveillance purposes; they are a quality and better functioning brand of Digital Video Recorder and internet enabled cameras, which is a card manufactured for windows based systems. The installation is easy, and the quality is superb!

Geovision camera systems have a wide range of cameras and are trustworthy and valuable source for modern security applications. The cameras are usually fitted with systems like monitor screens for vision of the flowing recordings/ surveillance. The Geovision IP camera systems are usually purchased with the customer choice of CCTV camera or the internet Protocol (IP) that best suits a person’s needs. Apart from the fact that Geovision surveillance cameras provide security details on premises, due to the modern advancements, they have other various significant advantages in surveillance. The system enables one to survey your cameras from the internet.

The Geovision Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems are made in such a way that you can be able to view or survey where you have placed the security camera via the internet visibly live from your personal computer, which is via the web browser, thereby allowing you to keep watch of your surveyed place even while you are far away from the exact location.

This is done by logging  to a web browser

Then you enter the IP address and the port number of your Geovision Digital Video Recorder. After which you enter your username and password

Then you follow on by selecting the GEOVISION IP CAMERAS  you would like to view which is also the last option after which you will be in a position to have a clear vision of your surveillance.

The multi-view view system also allows users of the to keep vigil of their place and business and many other places at once live from your Personal computer wherever you are by the use of DM multi-view that allows you to have a view of multiple Geovision IP Cameras ranging up to 16 to 32 cameras at an ago (simultaneously).

The third key factor about the Geovision IP system cameras is the facts that they can also be viewed live from an iPhone handset, the application-for Geovision IP cameras is GV I. An application in the phone’s application store, you just log in the application then you follow through the processes as described in the first application then you tap on the camera option to view a single full screen mode, the phone has a capability of giving a view of up to six Geovision IP cameras simultaneously giving you the ability to keep watch of your security cameras anywhere you are without having to necessarily physically be there. When in search of security cameras choose Geovision IP Cameras and have a taste or real technological experience in surveillance.