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Surveillance cameras also usually referred to as security cameras are generally cameras installed or used for the purpose of superintending and or also the supervision of areas either for security reasons or for the observation of systems which may include, company engines workers, to ensure smooth operations or running of tasks. A excellent example is in geothermal machines and textile industry. Most people have also resorted to the use of the surveillance cameras from for home security. This has vastly improved security in areas with such cameras.

The key and also significant technological technique behind this valuable invention lies in the Charge Coupled Device denoted by the terms CCD which are designed to change images to form electronic impulsions. Through this process, the cameras are able to enhance the production of not only quality but also clearly visible images or pictures that provide room for spying or supervision for security reasons. This is a significant advancement in security application as an adjustment of cameras can easily be done through the systems.

Surveillance cameras are of different designs and made using different styles, the designs are usually measured in inches, and their sizes vary from about a quarter to one inches (1/4”-1”) which is the size of the inside system of the camera. It is necessary to note that in that effect, the best security or also surveillance cameras should have a size small, for the smaller the size, the effective the camera is, this you can note in the sale and performance of cameras where you will find that the ¼” and 1/3” have stood as some of the best as far as CCTV camera sales is concerned. Other sizes like the 1/2.5” have the capability of producing of better images and are usually preferred for surveillance use in large companies/ industries or even in areas with a requirement of large security surveillance application.

Most of the surveillance cameras do use also the Digital Signal process, which is the DSP for the conversion of videos in the Analogue format to Digital form of information thereby helping advance the qualities of both the images and the workability of the camera system in production of pictures. It is of much importance to note that for security and visibility purposes, choosing the type of model color of camera you would like to use is of great importance, a good reason for this is to ensure that the cameras do not attract much attention of the public. The camera ought to be placed strategically in such a way that one does not easily detect or note where it is placed. Black and white cameras which were the dominant cameras before are also beneficial to use in areas with low light while the colored ones are better in areas with some good light. Surveillance cameras are generally extremely valuable source for supervision in the urge to boost security of a place.