NVR A network video recorder is widely used in an IP video surveillance system



NVR A network video recorder is widely used in an IP video surveillance system

A network video recorder is widely used in an IP video surveillance system. It is a software program that can record a video in a digital format. This is possible to a disk drive, a USB flash drive, SD memory card and other storage devices. Even though an NVR lacks dedicated video capture hardware, it can be run on a dedicated device with an embedded operating system. This helps it to improve its dedication and to support its function.

A network video recorder is quite different from a digital video recorder. Their input is also from a network instead of having a direct video connection to a video capture or a tuner. Videos on a DVR are always encoded and processed at the same time in the DVR. This is quite different when it comes to the NVR. A video on an NVR is processed and encoded in the camera. The processed and encoded videos are there fore streamed to the NVR for storage and remote viewing. NVRs is also used for home security systems and in the business areas for protection. They are most efficient for this purpose because they are easy to set up and can be used through a web browser. This allows the user to be notified through email whenever an alarm is triggered.

An NVR operates independently from a PC or other operation systems. It has a built-in large-volume hard disk that is able to allow for a long period of recording. There’s a type that can help one build a high-efficiency surveillance system. This can help one record, monitor and manage video data through the internet simultaneously. They also have several features. One of them includes the Team viewer which helps the company concerned remotely connect over the internet to your NVR for an easy set up and also fixing any problem you may have. They are available at affordable prices, and they can also be serviced for you right at the store to fit your needs and budget.

These NVRs also store digital CCTV images on an IP network. They are easily scalable, and their contents can be subject to the back up. This is because they are equipped with a swappable additional storage.  They are also subjected to the recovery and disaster recovery regimes that already exist on the IP network that they have. It is substantially independent of camera or control room location as it is a network computing device that also benefits from security, network access and functionality. They can also be written and read from at the same time. This allows the NVR to view and analyze one stream of video while the other stream is being written.