Port forwarding for Frontier-static nat ISP for DVRunlimited


port forwarding for frontierPort forwarding for Frontierport forwarding for frontierport forwarding for frontier

Port forwarding for Frontier

Frontier ISP is servicing some areas near Sacramento like in Elk Grove and Williams. The modem they use  is from Netgear. Most of you already know how to access the modem.

Type the gateway  ip address like or can find the gateway ip address by simply typing 1pconfig in the DOS prompt.

The user name for frontier is mostly likely admin and the password is admin.

Most DVR’s from www.dvrunlimited.com requires port 80 open. Read you manual or call DVRunlimited at 1-888-233-4566 for support






hmmm Just port forwarding might not work for Frontier ISP service. You also need to do Static NAT