Vandal proof camera should be used for outdoor use


Vandal proof camera should be used for outdoor usevandal proof cameraVandal proof cameras should be used for out door use to avoid damage to the camera from vandalism by bad elements in the society.

To avoid any damage to the camera pick a camera from with vandal proof features, Vandal proof camera has a tampered proof glass and a metal body to withstand any unwanted or unfriendly aggression from wanna be bad boys or already full fledged gangsters.

Well this cameras are not bullet proof, so if some really wants to damage or shoot the camera, they might succeed in their mission, but before they accomplish their job and start celebrating chances are you might catch them in action. It is highly recommended to mount cameras watching each other. If one gets vandalized the other is recording the whole act.

We can find you bullet proof cameras also, “where there is will there is way”.