We have destroyed our website and blog on purpose

We have destroyed our website and blog on purpose.We realized old information everywhere is confusing people, some of the products and articles where old confusing for everyone. We have decided to only deal with the latest and greatest technology and products in the year 2018 July
One thing we have new in the year 2018
Cameras over coaxial are not going away we even have 4K cameras and DVR pentabrid which support all AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI and IP cameras. We already have an 8MP HD-CVI camera and 6MP in HD-TV. People were going for IP cameras for higher resolution because they were not available over coaxial cable.
The advantage of using HD cameras over coaxial is cost, it affordable for small to medium business. It is perfect for an upgrade from an old system like 720P cameras to new 5MP they are affordable from www.dvrunlimited.com some are like $50 each for a fixed lens. You can chat with us for large quantity order we ship from California USA same day. Most of the product has three years warranty and lifetime email support.
There is a lot of confusion in the CCTV buyers market. People have too many choices because the technology is changing so fast, every few months there is a higher resolution camera. We were using 3 MP just a few months ago now they are discontinued. There is an important thing we all must know the new 5 MP will not work with your old DVR. You need to buy a new one. The pentagrid DVR which support the old and the new are very affordable; we have DVR which can support 4K cameras and are below $500 for a sixteen channel. Hard drives are also very affordable the new website will have a low price for hard drives. We install Western Digital purple most of the time. 4 TB or 8Tb is a good choice. 10TB also in the market we have it too but check compatibility before buying.

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